“In my own looking habits, I can feel how disturbing and powerful is my drive to see something new, something different. All the time, every minute, making me look past the familiar to find the unfamiliar shape or colour. I realize that many things can be put in front of me in order to exploit or take advantage of this scopic drive. This drive makes me vulnerable. I make the works to please this drive. I produce so that I can consume. I use ordinary objects because in this stillness of sculpture they become extraordinary. They are not so subject to being overlooked. We look at them as though we have never seen them before. We look at them expecting them to ‘move’; to move into their simple, dismissible identities.”

Jen Hutton, Interview with Liz Magor, 2009.

Polymerized gypsum, cardboard
41 × 41 × 13 cm

Courtesy Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver