Certainly, I often think of the relationship between the movement of life versus the stillness of death. Or what I assume is a stillness. […] But I also think of them as aesthetic arrangements of spent and discarded material existing parallel to the aesthetic arrangement of not yet consumed material. I’m not really thinking of excess. I’m not intending to be moralistic or censorious.

Jen Hutton, Interview with Liz Magor, 2009.

Chee-to combines a popular snack with rocks cast from polymerized gypsum. The neon-orange, air-puffed food lies beneath the dull grey and seemingly heavy stone pile, providing a complex tension that is both chromatic and material. The artist referred to this work as engaging with the tradition of still life and yet avoiding ethical messages often associated with that genre.

Polymerized gypsum, cheesies
42 × 167.5 × 200 cm

Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Purchased with financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Program and with the assistance of the E. Wallace Fund, 2000