Sculpture of a chair modelled after Eileen Gray’s Bibendun chair (1925), that was upholstered in white leather and is consider an exemplar of early Modern design. The sculpture is built to the same scale as the original but is upholstered on synthetic fur, brown, long haired, resembling a brown bear. The sculpture is installed with its back to the viewer, its curved arms re-enforcing the animal reference. On the arm of the chair is draped a pair of gloves. The gloves are made of tanned deerskin and are fashioned in the style of the “Buckskin” or mountain-man era including a long fringe extending from the wrist up the arm. As with Skidegate Chair (1988), the sculpture is intended to marry two periods of idealism and adventure; in case early Modernism with the exploration of the American West.

Steel base, soft polyurethane foam, synthetic fur, deerskin gloves
77 × 88 × 111 cm

Collection of McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton
Purchased with the assistance of the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation Challenge Grant, McMaster Museum of Art, McMaster University, Hamilton